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National Bartenders Appreciation Day

December 03, 2022

Today is National Bartenders Appreciation Day. Did you remember to show your appreciation to your bartenders and service staff?

Showing appreciation to your alcohol service staff is one of the pillars of good management. A bartender who feels unappreciated is more likely to give poor service, overpour drinks, show up late, call in sick, disrespect other employees and management, lower staff morale, and can bring down the overall operations of the business.

Alternatively, a bartender or server who feels appreciated is more likely to go above and beyond to ensure the success of the business. This can include maintaining a positive attitude, adhering to drink recipes, showing up for their shifts on time and more.

It doesn’t take a lot to show that you appreciate your bartenders and service staff, and while today is National Bartenders Appreciation Day, it makes sense to show your appreciation every day.

Here are some ways you can show your appreciation:

  • Give praise where and when appropriate
  • Recognize when an employee goes above and beyond
  • Offer incentives for employees receiving positive customer feedback
  • Be flexible with employee schedule time off requests
  • Acknowledge employee feedback
  • Offer financial incentives (holiday bonuses, paid time off, etc..)

This doesn’t mean to tell an employee they are doing a good job, when they in fact are not. Rather, this simply means to offer praise and acknowledgement when it is deserved. A little effort to show that you appreciate your service staff can go a long way.