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Each state has different training requirements so be sure to use the pull-down or choose your state flag to see what training programs are available for your state. While most states are approved, some are still in the application process with the state liquor authority. If your state is still in the application process, you will see IN BOLD that the program in not yet approved in the course description. Should you have any questions regarding training, certification or our program, please do not hesitate to use the 'Contact Us' page to reach us 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Most training courses are just $7.95. The site will track your progress so you can leave and resume training at any time, the slides are easy to understand and we don’t bog you down with an unnecessary number of quizzes - just one per section to see how you are absorbing the information presented! In addition, works on all computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets so you can complete your training anywhere, anytime! Our goal is to provide you with a way for you to complete your certification at an affordable price, in a convenient medium and as quickly as possible!


What is is a website operated by the Affordable Alcohol Training Company. We have been providing alcohol server and seller training since 2006.

Why choose
Those seeking certification choose for many reasons. First, we offer the lowest training fees in the industry with most courses costing just $7.95. Our courses are also easy to follow, take the least amount of time allowed by each state and our site is secure providing a safe and secure training environment. 

How much does training cost? online training courses start at just $7.95.

Is this a state approved program?
Nearly all of our alcohol seller training courses are approved by the liquor authority for that state. Please see the course page for details. From there you will see if the course is still in the application process or when it was approved. Should you not see the approval status, this will likely mean that that state does not approve online training provider courses.

How long does my certification last?
Each state has different laws regarding how long your alcohol server seller certification will remain valid. Please see the course page for specific details regarding your certification.

Is there a test?
Yes, there is a final exam following every course. You must pass the final exam in order to receive your certification. Please see the course page for details on the required passing score and the number of attempts that are allowed for each state. In addition, our final exams are not filled with trick questions, or questions with more than one correct answer, making it easier for you to get the certification that you need.

What if I fail the final exam?
Should you fail the final exam, contact us using the 'Contact Us' form so that we may reset your account. At that point,  we will update your account so that you may retake training and access the final exam again at no charge (for most states).

What if I need to re-certify after my last certificate has expired?
You may repurchase the training by logging in and going to your profile page... From there, look for the name of your course, and then to the far right where you will see the word, 'REPURCHASE'. By clicking on this, your previous training record will be permanently removed from our system and you will be able to repurchase your training. See Here to Learn How to Reset Your Account.

Why do you need my personal information?
The liquor authority for each state has different requirements for the personal information that must be collected. All information is secure and protected using the latest security technology.

Can I register without an email address?
All users are required to provide an email address when registering. Should you not have an email address, you may set up a new email account using one of the popular email providers including Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. All of these provide an email address for free and it takes just a couple of minutes to set up.

How do I use a discount code?
A discount code may be used by entering the code on the checkout page.

What is the 'Access Code'?
An 'Access Code' is a code that is provided to you by your employer if they pre-purchased the training on your behalf. If your employer did not provide this code to you, simply leave this field empty when registering for your training.

Why are there personal validation questions?
Personal validation questions are used to verify that the person taking the course is actually the person who registered for the alcohol server seller training course.

How do I pay for training?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. You will enter your payment information on the payment screen when registering for your course.

What if my payment was declined?
If your payment was declined, please try another form of payment.

Do you offer refunds?
Refunds are granted for any course not yet started. Once course has begun, no refunds are available. To request a refund, email and include the user ID, transaction ID and your full name. Refunds are processed within 72-hours.

How will this charge show up on my bank or credit card statement?
This payment will appear as Affordable Alcohol Training on your bank or credit card statement.

Can I pay now and start my training later?
Yes. You may pay now and return to continue your course at any time. Access to any course is availabe up to 90-days after course has been begun.

Do I have to complete the entire training in one sitting?
No. You can stop and start training as needed. The site will remember exactly where you left off.

What if I experience technical difficulties?
Should you experience technical difficulties, please refer to the FAQS below. Should you continue to experience difficulties, please use the Contact Us page to reach us along with details on what you are experiencing.

Does this course work on my smart phone or tablet?
Yes. This course has been optimized to work on all computers, tablets and smart phones.

What do I do if I lost my password?
Please use the Forgot Your Password link found on the Log-in page to recover a lost password.

How long may I access the training after I purchase the training?
You will be able to access a course for 90-days after you purchase training. After 90-days, your course will reset and you will be required to re-purchase the course to access the training.

My email address isn’t working to log in.
While not common, there are situations where a user enters the wrong email address when registering. If you did not receive the confirmation email when you registered initially and the lost password feature is not working for you, please use the Contact Us page so that we may reset your email address.

The course will not load.
The course can take up to 30 seconds to load the first time on your device. Should the course not load within this timeframe, please try a different browser. This will typically take care of any instances of the course not loading.

I can’t seem to access the final exam.
If you are unable to access the final exam after completing the course, please go back through each section and look for any slides missing the green check-mark. Once you locate the slide missing the check-mark, go to the slide preceding that slide and click through until all slides show the check-mark. Please note that quizzes and role-playing slides will not show the check-mark.

I can’t download my certificate.
Please contact us via email if you are unable to view, print or save your certificate. You must have a PDF reader installed to view your certificate. Visit to download Adobe Reader. Click Here to see how to locate your Certificate of Completion.

My certificate wasn't generated after I passed the Final Exam.
For many courses, additional personal information is required in order for us to submit your training record to the liquor authority. Following the Exam isn a form for you to enter your personal information. You must fill in this firm and click 'submit' for your certificate to generate by the system. If you are having difficulties with this, log back in and access your course through your profile page (click on the name of the course), then click the 'Take Training' button, then the 'Take Quiz' button. You should then be presented with the form to complete.

I can’t locate my certificate.
Click Here to see how to locate your Certificate of Completion.You must have a PDF reader installed to view your certificate. Visit to download Adobe Reader.

My name is misspelled on the certificate.
Please contact us at so that we may update your account details.

My birthdate is incorrect on my certificate.
Please contact us at so that we may update your account details.

I have multiple employees to train.
We offer owners and managers the ability to register and pay for their employees to take training. Please visit the Corporate Solutions Page for details. 

I would like to set up an open ended Corporate Account and be billed for only my employees who have registered for training.
For business accounts with over 100 employees, we can set up open ended billing where you provide an Access Code to your staff and we run your credit card at the end of each month. Please contact us to request an open ended Corporate Account.

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