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State Approved Alcohol
Server/Seller Training

Learn to serve & sell alcohol legally and responsibily with

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Alabama Alcohol Server/Seller Training

LIQUORexam.com is a comprehensive online Alcohol Server and Seller Training platform designed to provide the tools necessary for you to be able to sell and/or serve alcohol responsibly, legally, and sa...

$ 9.75 Regular price $ 15.95

Marijuana Handlers Training and Certification

Each licensee, employee, or agent of an establishment which sells, cultivates, manufactures, tests, or transports marijuana or a marijuana product, or who checks the identification of a consumer or vis...

$ 9.95 Regular price $ 12.95

Server Training the Art of Delivering Hospitality

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to be a great server. Through this course, you will acquire knowledge on various categories of becoming a better s...

$ 4.95 Regular price $ 9.95

Spirits 101: Spirits Knowledge Training

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the fascinating realm of spirits. Through this course, you will acquire knowledge on various categories of spirits, se...

$ 4.95 Regular price $ 11.95

Tobacco Retailer Training for Store Personnel

This course will teach you how to check the ID of a customer who wants to buy tobacco products, shows things to look out for, such as fake ID cards and signs of ID tampering, and explains how and when ...

$ 4.95 Regular price $ 7.95

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Class C

LIQUORexam.com Underground Storage Tank (UST) Training is a comprehensive online training platform designed to provide industrial professionals the tools necessary to be able to respond to emergency si...

$ 4.95 Regular price $ 9.95

Welcome to LIQUORexam.com

Our online alcohol server and seller training program will teach you to serve and sell alcohol legally and responsibly. This course is approved in all states listed and the cost starts at just $3.95. Click the Register Now link to begin and you will have your certification before you know it.

LIQUORexam.com is an alcohol service safety training program specifically designed for those who own, manage and work in establishments that serve and/or sell alcohol and is developed to teach you how to serve and sell alcohol legally and responsibly.

What to Expect

This course will teach you the fundamentals of responsibly serving and selling alcohol by showing you how to handle difficult situations, how to check for proper ID, how to understand the effects of alcohol on the human body, and more. You will also learn the alcohol laws specific to your state allowing you to perform your job duties within the limits of the law, thereby protecting yourself and your employer from liability which may arise from an illegal sale of an alcoholic beverage.

LIQUORexam.com courses are 100% online and each course contains five units of instruction with the final exam following instruction.

  • Protect yourself and your business from liability
  • State specific laws and regulations
  • Understand the effects of alcohol on the human body
  • How to identify and prevent intoxication
  • Identify acceptable IDs and how to spot fake IDs
  • Understand how to remedy a difficult situation

What You Get With LIQUORexam.com

We make it easy to earn your food and alcohol certifications.

  • Guaranteed Lowest Cost
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Straight Forward Exams
  • Most Courses State Approved
  • Corporate Discounts Available
  • Training starts at just $3.95
  • Full Audio Narration
  • Free Printable Wallet Cards
  • 100% Online Training

LIQUORexam.com for Employers

Take control of your compliance training with the help of LIQUORexam.com. We have worked with thousands of businesses, including national chains, local establishments, fairs, festivals, and more. If you have multiple employees to train, LIQUORexam.com is right for you!

  • Bulk Discounts for Employers

    Prices as low as $3.95 per person

  • Net-30 Terms and Monthly Billing

    Just let us know you prefer to be billed

  • Powerful Tracking and Reporting

    Stay on top of your Compliance Training

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What You Get With LIQUORexam.com

Trusted by over 200,000 learners to provide their regulatory-approved training

You get simple to follow course content that you can access anytime, anywhere

We’re here for you 7 days a week with online chat and toll-free phone support

You’re in good hands. We’re been in business for over 20 years.

Happy Students Say About Us

Don’t take our word for it. LIQUORexam.com courses average 4.8 stars!

Amanda M. Tucson, Arizona

“I didn't' expect much considering the low price but I was way off. This was such a great course! The course was easy to follow, and I liked how key notes were presented. Thank you!”

Coleen B. New Orleans, Louisiana

“I enjoyed this course very much. I liked being able to listen rather than just read, the knowledge checks throughout, and I really liked that the questions told you right away if you got it wrong so you could learn from it.. and also, that it was very easy to follow.”

Mario S. Madison, WI

“Great training. Great pricing. Excellent customer service. Thanks for offering such a terrific service for those of us in the hospitality industry. Nobody really wants to do this training but I am glad that Liquorexam makes it so easy.”

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