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New Mexico Food Handler Training | $4.95 | LIQUORexam.com

ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) Accredited Food Handler Training. The preferred ANAB-Accredited Food Handler Training. Accessible on all devices, self-paced, and backed by a pass guarantee.

Our New Mexico food handler training is ANAB-accredited and endorsed statewide. Our Food Handler training is your gateway to meeting the state's food safety requirements with ease. This food handler training equips you with essential knowledge on food safety, personal hygiene, pathogen prevention, storage, temperature management, and more. Study at your own pace, on any device, from anywhere in New Mexico. Stay compliant with local regulations and gain the confidence to excel in the food service industry. Enroll today for just $5.95 and receive a printable PDF certificate upon completion.

Our Food Handler Certificate Program is designed to provide you with practical knowledge and skills for safe food handling, essential in the food service industry.

This course covers critical topics related to food safety and handling, including:

  • Safe food handling practices
  • Preventing food contamination
  • Proper cleaning and sanitation techniques
  • Personal hygiene and its impact on food handling
  • Allergen awareness and management
  • Temperature control and monitoring
  • Foodborne illness prevention and response

As of 03/14/2024 LIQUORexam.com's Food Handler program has been accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), signifying adherence to the highest standards. This accreditation ensures that you receive top-quality training, providing you with confidence in the excellence of the program. 

This Food Handler Training is designed to teach those working in establishments preparing, handling, and/or serving food how to do so responsibly and within the requirements as set by many local Health Agencies.

Important: Training requirements may vary by state, county, parish, or city. To ensure compliance with the regulations in your specific location, we strongly recommend consulting with your manager or contacting your local health agency for detailed information on training requirements.

Why Complete this Food Handler Training?

Knowledge and Understanding: Food handler certificate holders have completed a training program that covers essential topics related to food safety, proper handling, and storage. This shows you possess knowledge and understanding of food safety principles and best practices.

Safe Food Handling Practices: Certificate holders have been trained in safe food handling practices, including proper hygiene, temperature control, cross-contamination prevention, and allergen management. This implies that they are equipped with the necessary skills to handle and prepare food in a safe and hygienic manner.

Commitment to Public Health: Food handler certificate holders recognize the importance of protecting public health and preventing foodborne illnesses. By obtaining this certificate, you demonstrate your commitment to upholding food safety standards and ensuring the well-being of consumers.


  • Video based training
  • 100% Online
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Log out and resume where you left off
  • Works on all devices
  • 90-day course access


  • Final exam: 40 questions
  • Passing Score: 70% or better
  • Certificate valid period: 3 years
  • Certificate type: Downloadable PDF document (available to save, print or email)
  • Free printable wallet card

View a sample of the LIQUORexam.com Food Handler Training below:

At LIQUORexam.com, we are committed to providing outstanding customer support during your training journey. Our knowledgeable support team is always at your service to answer inquiries, provide guidance, and ensure a seamless and positive training experience. You can reach us by phone at 888-344-5554 or via email at contact@LIQUORexam.com.

New Mexico Food Handler FAQs

Is food handler training mandatory in New Mexico?

Yes! In New Mexico, most areas require food handlers to complete an approved food safety course to obtain a New Mexico Food Handlers Card. This requirement, effective since April 1, 2019, mandates completion of training within 30 days of employment, as per New Mexico Administrative Code § 7.6.2-104.11. A food employee, as defined by New Mexico, includes those who handle food, utensils, and food contact surfaces, with certain exceptions.

Is this course apprioved in New Mexico?

Yes. This is an ANAB-Accredited Food Handler Training program and is approved in the state of New Mexico. 

When do I need to complete my food handler training in New Mexico?

Food handler training must be completed within 30 days of employment, as per New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) § 7.6.2-104.11.

How long is my New Mexico Food Handler Trainign valid for?

Your New Mexico Food Handler Training is valid for a duration of three years.

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New Mexico Food Handler Training

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  • Course Length1.5 Hours

  • Certificate TypePDF

  • Certificate Valid 36 Months

  • Course Access90 Days

  • Exam Questions40 Questions

  • Exam Attempts2x

  • Passing Score70%

  • Pass GuaranteeYes

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“I didn't' expect much considering the low price but I was way off. This was such a great course! The course was easy to follow, and I liked how key notes were presented. Thank you!”

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“Everything about this training and the exam was clear, detailed, and educational. I learned a lot of new things that I didn't know before, and the myths about drinking to sober up were interesting. I'm excited and happy. Thank you, LiquorExam.com!”