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Pennsylvania RAMP + Bartending Skills Bundle | $14.95 | LIQUORexam.com

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Get our Pennsylvania RAMP Training AND Bartending Skills Training (both courses) for one low cost. This is perfect for a new employee or if you are looking to break into the bartending profession.

Looking to break into the bartending profession, or just improve your skills while complying with the RBS training requirement for California? This Course Bundle includes the state approved Pennsylvania RAMP Server/Seller Training plus our Bartending Skills Video-Based Training. 

Course #1 - Pennsylvania RAMP Server/Seller Training

As of 12/17/2018, this training has been approved by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board as a valid training for the Responsible Alcohol Management (RAMP), Server/Seller Training component.. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR APPROVAL

This training will teach you how to serve alcohol responsibly, handle difficult situations, detect, and deal with drug use or sales, check for proper ID, and understand the effects of alcohol on the human body, and was specifically designed for those who own, manage, or work in establishments that serve and/or sell alcohol. Responsible alcohol service education is extremely important for all workers in this industry.

Please be advised, if you are currently employed at a PA liquor licensed establishment, you will need to enter the License Identification Number (LID), during registration. The LID number can be found on the establishment's liquor license. By providing this important number, your establishment will receive credit for your participation!


  • This self-paced course
  • 100% Online
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Log out and resume where you left off
  • Works on All Devices
  • Full course narration
  • 90-day Course Access
  • Free printable wallet card


This course and website are developed to work on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This training is a self-paced online course and the site tracks your progress so you are able to log-off and resume training where you left off.

Lessons in this course include:

  • Getting Started
  • Pennsylvania RAMP Server/Seller Training
  • Alcohol and the Human Body
  • Identification
  • Test Your Knowledge Pennsylvania RAMP


Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board 
990 Briarsdale Road 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109-5905 
Phone: 1-866-275-8237 
Fax: 717-558-2718 
Website: www.lcb.pa.gov

Licensees who seek RAMP certification of their licensed premises must successfully complete the four program prerequisites. Completing either the owner/manager or server/seller training alone does not grant certification to the establishment or the person completing the training.

1. Owner/Manager Training focuses on those most responsible for determining daily operations and policies of the licensed establishment – the owner and manager. Training topics will include creation of house policies and procedures for staff and the public, as well as aspects of the Server/Seller training.
*NEW Virtual Training option available through the PLCB.*

  • At least one owner or the PLCB-approved manager must complete the owner/manager training to qualify for RAMP certification.
  • The first time an individual enrolls in owner/manager training, he or she shall enroll and attend the owner/manager training in a classroom setting. Subsequent training may be completed three ways: 1) classroom (in-person, instructor led), 2) virtual (instructor led) or 3) online (no instructor).
  • Follow these instructions to register for a RAMP Owner/Manager training.
  • If you are unsure who the current PLCB-approved manager is, contact the Bureau of Licensing .

2. Server/Seller Training benefits anyone who serves or sells alcoholic beverages and/or checks IDs, including owners and managers of licensed establishments. The training covers how to detect fake IDs, identify signs of intoxication and responsibly manage patrons.

  • At least 50 percent of the licensee's alcohol service staff must be trained before certification can be granted. This percentage must be maintained at all times.
  • Upon completion of the course, employees must complete a course examination and receive a score of 80 percent or better to receive credit for completing the course.

3. New Employee Orientation must be provided to each member of the licensee's current alcohol service staff and to each new employee within 30 days of hire. Subsequently, a Licensee New Employee Orientation Form (PDF) must be completed and signed by each new employee.

  • Owners/managers and security personnel that serve or sell alcohol and/or check IDs must also complete this form.
  • It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure that either the owner, manager or a designated instructor conducts the orientation.
  • Licensees must maintain a completed and signed Licensee New Employee Orientation Form for each member of the alcohol service staff for the duration of their employment.

4. Signage must be posted at the licensed establishment regarding responsible alcohol service.

  • At least two signs must be posted minimally addressing acceptable forms of ID and the licensee’s duty to refuse alcohol service to minors and visibly intoxicated persons.
  • Appropriate signage may be ordered through PLCB+ once an account is created, or a licensee may use other signage equivalent in size and content to PLCB-provided signs.
  • Signage must be prominently displayed so that it can be easily observed by patrons.
  • Licensees shall be responsible for posting and maintaining the signage at all times.

5. Apply for RAMP Certification – After a licensee has completed the prerequisites of RAMP certification, the licensee must file an application for RAMP certification in PLCB+ by following these instructions. There is no fee for applying for certification or recertification.

  • If the PLCB finds that the licensee has satisfied the prerequisites, the PLCB will approve the application for certification of the licensee.
  • RAMP certification is valid for 2 years. The licensee must continually satisfy the certification requirements during that period or certification may be rescinded.
    A licensed establishment is not RAMP-certified until all requirements are met and certification is granted by the PLCB.​

Benefits of RAMP certification to the licensee include:

  • Knowledgeable, well-trained alcohol service staff and management
  • Recognition as a responsible licensee in your community
  • Less likelihood of dram shop liability
  • Possible liquor liability insurance discount
  • Possible reduction in fines and penalties issued by an Administrative Law Judge for serving a minor or visibly intoxicated patron (as long as the licensee was RAMP-certified at the time of the violation and had no citations for either of those two violations in the previous four years).

Course #2 - Bartending Skills Training

This training was developed to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to begin an exciting career as a bartender working in a hotel, restaurant, nightclub, a neighborhood bar or even on a cruise ship travelling the world.

Bartending is an exciting and challenging career, and as any successful bartender can tell you, the money you can make as a bartender can be quite lucrative. This is in addition to bartending being one of the most exciting and satisfying occupations you can have.


A good bartender not only knows his or her drink recipes, but they have the ability to connect with their customers to help enhance the experience of their customers. A willingness to engage in conversation, be friendly and crack a joke here and there are all traits of a good bartender.

This course includes our 112-page Bartender Handbook to print or save to your device at no additional cost (a $30 value).

As you continue through this training, be sure to take notes, learn the drink recipes and put yourself behind the bar mentally to help prepare you for the real thing. While there is nothing like actually getting behind the bar to make the drinks personally, the knowledge you obtain through this course will give you a leg up on the competition when it comes time to get that dream bartending job. 


This course and website are developed to work on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This training is a self-paced online course and the site tracks your progress so you are able to log-off and resume training where you left off.

  • 100% Online
  • Easy to understand curriculum
  • Works on all smart phones, tablet, laptops and desktop computers.
  • Self-paced training - learn at your own pace
  • Site tracks your progress so you are able to log-off and resume training where you left off
  • Free printable Certificate (PDF Document)
  • Free printable Wallet Card (PDF Document)


  • BartenderExam.com Introduction
  • Bartending Tools and Setting up the Bar
  • Getting Started Behind the Bar
  • The Science of Mixology
  • Responsible Serving and Flair
  • Whiskeys , Brandys and Liqueurs
  • Vodkas, Tequilas, Wines, Beers & More
  • Know Your Drinks—Creams, Sours, Martinis & More
  • Common Drink and Shot Recipes


  • Final exam: 10 questions
  • Passing Score: 70% or better
  • Certification valid period: does not expire
  • Certification type: Downloadable PDF document (available to save, print or email)
    • *Wallet cards not provided for this training

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Pennsylvania RAMP + Bartending Skills Bundle

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“Everything about this training and the exam was clear, detailed, and educational. I learned a lot of new things that I didn't know before, and the myths about drinking to sober up were interesting. I'm excited and happy. Thank you, LiquorExam.com!”

Coleen B. New Orleans, Louisiana

“I enjoyed this course very much. I liked being able to listen rather than just read, the knowledge checks throughout, and I really liked that the questions told you right away if you got it wrong so you could learn from it.. and also, that it was very easy to follow.”